Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy, something that I’m learning as new technology emerges. Web 2.0 has opened a gateway for consumers to become content creators. Last week, we’ve discussed how there’s a generation gap that limits lower class families to develop at their full potential. We discussed how it’s not a gap but more the availability of being able to afford the technology. I had discussed how I went through my half my high school career without internet. I had a desktop and flash drives to work between school and home. Even though I was limited with what I had to work with I took advantage of it because I couldn’t afford to stay real behind. Once I had started working we decided to get internet because I was needing it for school and so did my sister. I realized that it took me  awhile to get in the game but I managed and now, 5 years later I’m able to work remotely as long as I have internet access and to think I began late. My mother was very supportive as in moving forward technological wise, meaning, she was fine with me buying laptops for myself and sister and then moved on to upgrading gadgets. But none of this would of happened if I wasn’t introduced to this field very young. When I was in fifth grade, I was a part of the typing club they had on campus, basically, we would type as fast as we could with few errors. After that introduction to computers, I began to work with computers and having that opportunity was great but what goo was it if I didn’t really know what all I could do? Everything i knew about technology pre-UTDallas, was self-taught. It was difficult but I did and learn the do and don’ts it took me awhile. If one isn’t taught what one all can do online, what’s the point of having access to it? Also, there’s a lot of negative incidents happening online that children aren’t aware of and they learn the hard way of what’s going. It’s the parents job to teach their kids what’s out there but they only know so much so what happens then? If there could be one class dedicated to digital literacy, that would make a huge difference because not only are the kids being prepared for real use of technology, they get to take that home and teach it to their parents. I know when I started working with new technology, I would go back home and implemented because I wanted my family to become well rounded. Now, they interact with it of course, not as much as I do, but they’re getting the hang of it. I’ll end with this, sometimes different cultures have different thoughts about technology but when they’re receiving their education, they’re in the same room so why not show them beyond the horizon?


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