In the net we trust?

When I was first introduced the online world, I was very skeptical about it. Of course, i didn’t have a tech-savvy background art that time. As I started to mess around with social networking sites like Myspace I started to mess around with my profile and personal information I posted. I wanted to experiment with Myspace where I put false information about myself to see how people reacted. Meaning, since I only added friends I knew, I wanted to learn how much of what I posted online would they actually believe. My web design teacher in middle school had stated, “don’t believe anything you see online.” if I could talk to him today, i would shape his thought process because everything is moving online. There’s a limit on what kind of information we put up online just because once its posted, its there for ever. I still post false information within my friends just because I know that they’ll believe me and it’s fine if I tell them in person than posting in it online. If I tell you a lie in person, I’m responsible for the misleading information but when I posted it online, i could easily say I was either hacked or someone else did it. So where do we cross the line on what to believe? Of course, professional businesses pass out trustworthy information because they have a whole business behind them but how about someone like me?
I know that within my friends network, I’ve explained to them not to believe everything I post especially if it doesn’t seem something I would do. They ask why I do it and then I say Imagine if I wanted to steal your credit card information, I simply ask you to fill out this information or go somewhere else and then you’ll do it. I think that they don’t fully understand the Internet (I sometimes don’t) and small experiments like these make them aware of the things out there. Spams are always roaming the net if someone becomes 100% worthy of the net, they’re in for a pit fall.


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