You’re dumb!…who said that??

This weeks readings had to deal with anonymity on the web and the issues we face. Before class, I didn’t know about the ten year old that had posted her video to her “Haters.” Please do watch the video. Anywho, the way she was tracked down by anonymous and now is facing attacks from anonymous people. This in an users across the web, especially after 2.0. User-generated content has created these issues because anyone and everyone can upload a video about their “haters.” I game online on the Ps3 playing Black Ops and I face issues like this. For example, theres times where I’m gaming with my clan, and another comes along and starts talking trash towards us knowing that we won’t find out who they are. At times, it was kids age range from 7 and 8 and it’s insane because they talk nothing but dumb things that leaves anonymity up for questioning. We know that it has it’s up and downs but anonymity doesn’t cause bad behavior but it sometimes encourages mob behavior. But it also depends more on the person, I’ll admit, when someone does act up like that on our online gaming, we make sure they feel the same thing they try to make us feel. In the end, it’s with our backgrounds that really influences us in behavior like that. For the most part, we just remain quiet until the actual game starts because that’s pass our “childish” years. I think that anonymity shouldn’t be done with completely but it should be limited on where it is allowed. This then ties into bullying and furthermore, cyber bullying. Since no one knows who is doing what, people take it to another level which takes bullying into another level. Anonymity creates a separate realm that becomes a free for all. Some will do good and most will bad but one really has the final say.


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