Free Speech?

Social Media can be used in so many ways, from promoting what’s going on with your company to what is going on around your community. I believe that Network Site such as Facebook and Twitter allow us to keep our existing networks and make them stronger. This, I consider it, the personal level. At this point, we’re able to interact with those who are already close to us and build on the existing networks, “Help me help you” type scenarios. Then, we go to the local level, where we promote communities through these mediums. Let others know what is happening around the neighborhood. Festivals, bars, or specials at local restaurants. From here, we start moving into the political grounds. Whether you’re republican or democrat, you start promoting your party and then you start displaying the “flaws” of the other side. So, In a way, you do this at a state level and start climbing into a National level. Now, Can twitter cause a Revolution? I’m not so sure about it causing it, but it can add sparks and facilitate on how people meet. In class, we covered, Gladwell: “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted” and I agree and disagree at the same time. The reading covers how the civil rights movements were able to be successful not because they were “tweeting” but because the will and power were present. If the people were up to the challenge, it will happened. Over time, we all evolve and learn to adapt, meaning, when new technology is introduced, we either take it and run with it or we just trash it. When the Civil Rights Movement was occurring, the medium to communicate wasn’t available. Modern day today, when Egypt wanted a government reform, twitter facilitated that medium that didn’t exist decades ago. They were successful because they wanted to over throw their government but being able to utilize twitter, they acted within seconds to form and protest. To manage a massive group that large can be done without twitter like in the civil rights movements. But there’s a difference, in the reading, their boycotts lasted about a year and it took weeks for others to join in, and in Egypt, it took hours to move people in different places at the same time. Of course, it requires people’s will power to act out on what they want, but tools allow them to become efficient and a lot more powerful.


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