Google did what?

“The Googlization of Everything: Chapter 1” reading was something I already knew and it also introduced some aspects that I had no idea had occurred. Google re-defines the cliche: “To make money, you have to spend money” How? By investing on services that didn’t see any profit, better yet, not even to break even. In class we discussed how google was making these decisions because they weren’t looking for profit, well at least not at that point, they were trying to refine the services they had and/or to collaborate with other existing ones. So when saying that google is just another search engine is to say that AT&T is just another phone provider. Everything happens for a reason, meaning, google took initiative in it’s early stage to take control of the Net. Of course, google doesn’t run the internet but it does aid it. Anything and everything we do, in some way or some how, we’ll need to interact with google. One interested thing that  I picked up during the discussion was that what if Google becomes Big Brother. It may sound like a stretch but is it really? When we look at how we interact, everything we do online can be tracked, copied, and broadcast within seconds of it’s original posting. Anyone and everyone can virtually see it. So when you hear that everything you post online will forever remain on there, it’s a fact. Not only is Google becoming big brother, but anyone and everyone is a big brother. After reading this article, it gives someone a different view of the net, of course, we all know that we become miniature versions of big brother. In order to have a great experience online, we have to give some privacy for convenience and everyone does it. Whether its right thing to do or not, that’s something else.

Privacy has been a big issues since the dawn of the internet. Well for the most part but one thing that we’ve realized is that privacy is an issue that concerns everyone from just what we do in our private life to what we do and post on social media networks. I feel that the when one discusses issues covering the internet, their proposal is either: “the internet is good” or “the internet is bad” and I think it’s neither. The internet doesn’t cause good nor bad but how one uses does.


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