Excuse me, you can’t see that.

This weeks readings dealt with privacy. Defining privacy today is a little tougher than 20 years ago. Anything and everything posted online can be traced, multiplied and mass produced by anyone. Last semester, one of my emac classes required for groups to do a project and one created by http://bigbrotheriswatching.us/videos/, they posted this video:

After watching this video, you realize how much can be done and found under 5 minutes. So what does that say about the internet and society? It’s understandable to have the friends and family doing this type of research but what about someone that lives on the other side of town? What then? Privacy has always been an issue but now there’s more at stake because never before have we had the chance to store so much date in very little physical space. So when we think about facebook, we think it’s just another social network site. I’m more interested in facebook alone because they’re the most controversial because with “it’s nearly 500 million users actively [online]” they’re closing in “banking somewhere north of $10 million according to a source in Reuters’ report.” (Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/06/18/how-much-money-does-facebook-make-a-lot/#ixzz1FeZyAabO)

As a facebook user, we know that everything we write, post, and upload doesn’t belong to just us but also facebook. This is critical because something we deemed private within our circle is no longer private. Our friends can tag our post and pictures and then their circle of friends can see them. Not only that, their friends could do same and it’s a never ending vicious cycle. Of course, if we want something private, we would keep it to ourselves but with technology, it’s harder not to upload that funny picture or say curse out your boss online. Everyone can see what we do and when we do it. I’ll leave you with this article and you be the judge whether facebook is a “Security breach” of OUR PRIVACY.


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