Creative Commons, que?

The readings assigned for this week’s blog post, concentrated more over about how copyrighted material has changed the way one views digital bits. So looking on how now a days, everything you reuse could fall under the violation of Copyright and it creates a dilemma, why create material with material already created and just re-use It while giving the credit to its rightful owner? In the Larry Lessig on laws that creativity, we see how he’s able to state how UGC (User Generated Content) has its ups and downs and yet, the outcome has been positive, for the most part. For example, you and I are able to create content about anything and everything and where do we get it from? Google? Perhaps? Or maybe from someone else like the news and we just re-use it to give a summary. So the question now becomes to be how come when re used and re-mastered by the users, what happens then? And Lessig states that “they wanted to revolt” yet no one did. I like how “the internet has been able to revive the “rw” [rewritable] cultural.” When remixing a song, without permission of the original owners, it violates copyright laws so then it gets driven down. He points out that it the older generation “watches tv while [their kids] make tv” also, it “can’t be kill it, only criminalize it” and we can’t bring It down only “drive it underground.” Lessig presents what IBM preaches and how we can only improve upon it. Being able to remix what we know today allows for innovation with our generation and that can only bring a good outcome. Watching the video made me understand that technology cause no harm on its own whatsoever, only how we use it dictates the outcome of how it’s approach by business.


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