Can computers think?

Focusing on last weeks discussions, we had to present how on our classmates post and we had some interesting blogs. One blog that stood out to me was the one by Nicholas Bostick because of this quote: “If you take a man from 500 B.C. and put him in a modern environment, he will eventually adapt to his new surroundings. However, if you took a man from the present and sent him to 500 B.C., he would not be able to cope.” I honestly believe this being true because we’ve progressed a long way since 500 B.C. so it wouldn’t be so hard for the Man from that time to adapt to our compared to the Man from now to adapt to theirs. Technology has been moving forward to a point that it could do harm or it could bring a step forward peace (I may be going to the extreme but it could be possible). Technology has given us the opportunity to either move forward or become mentally challenged. For example, I had become addicted to facebook my first semester at UTDallas and it was by choice. I had become attached to the online world that I forgot about the real one. After struggling through the semester, I was taking a class with David Parry and we had talked about facebook and social media and that was my eye opener. For one to get consume by the online presence doesn’t necessarily mean one is weak minded but that if one is new to the social atmosphere, it can be a little dangerous. Social media isn’t good nor bad on it’s own, but if one uses it right, it can either have a positive effect or negative.


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