Brain and Mind

When referring to the brain and mind, not many think that they’re both two separate things. Meaning, the brain is the physical space that allows for the mind to function. For example, Eliza was introduced to us in class and it’s a form of Artificial Intelligence, AI, and it represents how programming can influence real people. Meaning, when looking how the brain works and see if it can be implemented to a software. One major issue that was brought up last Wednesday was can a computer learn? If so, can it mimic the human brain and learn from it’s environment and apply it. In the article we read for class, Is Google Making Us Stupid, Nicolas Carr conveys that “Google” or the internet itself is making us stupid. Of course, we all have our own opinions and this is mine: I think that’s a false statement. The internet itself has does no harm with what we do in our everyday lives, how we choose to apply it is a different story. In my experience, the internet and/or new technologies encourage innovations in a way that wasn’t possible before. I believe that I’ve become more efficient in the fields that I work in just because the internet is at the tips of my fingers. I work with my father doing landscaping for a couple of friends and as the seasons change, so does the look of their yards. We had a friend that wanted to plant some Nemesias, which I’ve never worked with before but having my Iphone, I was able to pull it up and verify how the flower looked like.

Examples like this are what make new technologies efficient.  I believe I’ve become more efficient when I landscaping or even do school work because if there’s something I don’t know or don’t understand very well, I can just “google” it. Everything has just become so much easier to manage that it also brings its cons. This cartoon is a great example:

The aspect of the internet, it shows how one doesn’t really have to learn the material because everything is easier with a few clicks away. Everything and anything will have it’s pros and cons but I believe that technologies, on their own, don’t cause any harm nor make us stupid, but how we manage them is what predicts the outcome of how “dumb” we become.


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2 responses to “Brain and Mind

  • John Jones

    Nice post; I agree that Google is a big help in finding information.

    P.S. I appreciate you adding the links for the articles: in the future, you should do the same with the images you add to your posts. That way you can give credit to the creator and point your readers to where you found the image.

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